Thursday, 27 August 2009

Twitting hell!

I've gone over to the darkside of this new age micro blogging world thingy. Yes, Twitter has gobbled up another victim into its hungry horrible mouth. Me.

On first impressions I am not that impressed to be honest, I expected it to be good from all the fuss that is made of it everyday in the papers, radio etc etc. I am a bit wary of it, I mean it has a word limit on what you can put in the tweets - what is that all about!?
I will give most things a go though so I shall stick with it and see if I warm to it. As a rather talkative peson though I always have a lot to say, most of it garbage but I ramble on regardless. This is why I love Blogspot so much. And now I feel I am betraying it.

Blogspot - I am sorry.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Sometimes I think not having any choices would make life a hell of a lot easier. Having choice is what makes me stay in ASDA for 40 minutes in the in the olive section, wondering if I should get the garlic stuffed variety or the ones that are filled with jalepenos. Choice gives me a headache. But to imagine a life without having a choice to do or pick something isn't really worth thinking about.

I have been thinking about the English modules I shall taking next year. They have changed over the past day or two, but now I think I'm finally decided. It seems a lot of the modules have exams this year, which fills me with a nervous dread. And although I don't like giving presentations I realise it's something that can't be avoided. So I'm going to embrace it and I may actually prove myself to be semi decent at it.

The modules I have picked are:

semester 1
Classics In Literature
Stylistics: Language and literature
Language in society
Sounds of language

semester 2
Critical Theory
American literature
Writing workshops - special topics

Although the summer has been nice and relaxed I can't wait to get back to uni, my brain is feeling a little sleepy and needs to be woken up. These modules seem like the perfect challenge.

*update: It would appear that I am some form of dimwit. I won't be doing sounds of language, as it isn't even running this year. I had stupidly picked modules that featured in the 2008/2009 module guide not the 2009/10 guide. So it looks as though It will have to be womens writing instead. Although I don't really want to do it, it looks the best out of the bunch.