Friday, 27 February 2009

Big fish little fish

'There are more species of freshwater fish in Lake Nyasa in Malawi than there are in the whole of Australia'

A lovely fishy fact there taken from the BBC homepage. I don't no if it is actually true but ahwell. My guess is if you were a fish, then lake Nyasa would be a lovely place to live/swim...or whatever fish do.

I am also having fish for tea tonight :)

Today I wen back to the university library, after having trouble with my library card. Just like i predicted the books I wanted were unavailable, due to all the other swines in my class managing to get there first with their problem free library cards. Damn!!

I got a shocking 6 in the renaissance literature test, I wouldn't mind but I actually read everything, made notes and tried to remember what I thought were the important facts and details. Turns out the stuf I remembered wasn't mentioned in the exma questions. Ohwell better luck next time! I guess a lousy 6 is better than the big fat zilch I would have got if i hadn't attended.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

I love to moan about ASDA, things that block the sink and the university library!!

Today started off with me waking up in a healthy mood, had shreddies (without sugar for breakfast) and a banana for breakfast.

I then realised that the state of the kitchen was actually DISGUSTING thanks to our laziness, and our willingness to want to do things such as uni work, to avoid the dishes. I thought girls were supposed to be tidy!?....our kitchen is never tidy for more than two minutes. So I spent a good hour of my precious time cleaning the bloody kitchen, then witness 5 minutes later my house mate pouring the remains of a pan of beans down the sink - which resulted in a blocked sink filled wth beans. This made me rather annoyed, although I didn't say anything - i just thought bad things.

The latter half of the day involved having a shower with my nice new shower stuff and moisturisers - yes they make me happy. Had an 'How English Works' lecture this evening, was a bit confusing but Debbie was confused herself - bless her! I spent half of my time thinking about what she was saying in her confused way, and half of my time thinking - have work paid me enough and the umerous amount of things I have got to do over the weekend but wil probably have no time for.

Thought I would be a good student, so I went to the uni library get some books out after lecture, I went to take them out to find that my card is invalid - this made me grumpy. I asked the man whether he could keep them under the desk until tomorrow, he said no. This made me even angrier. I shall go back tomorrow to get the same books out and they probably will not be available. Helpful eh!

On the way back I stopped off at ASDA, it was packed. Some man looked at me with disgust, when he thought I was trying to beat him to the 10p reduced packet of peppers he was after. It was really busy and I just bought stuff I dont need such as muller corners and jalapeno stuffed olives ( they are nice though) spent most of my time at the bloody fast lane self service checkout. I HATE IT - it is not fast!! Took me about twenty minutes to scan everything, after about (No exaggeration here) 1678 times of being told to, 'remove items from bagging area'.
So tonight I am going to cook my tea for Ben and myself, eat some olives do some reading for the intro to lit exam tomorrow. Its ok this week, apart from good ole Shakespeare and Sir Philip sydney all the other texts are by geezers called Thomas. So if i have to guess who wrote the title of a text - the chances are it will be someone called Thomas, that will be my guess anyway.

Today I have decided that out of the red and blackcurrant fruit pastille, that the red one is definatley my favourite. Cant work out what flavour it is though, it tastes like both strawberry and raspberry......hmmmm!?

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake DISASTER!!

Well have learnt something today!! DO NOT buy shake a cake! Total disaster - a burnt frying pan, wasted pint of milk and no pancakes later, we are off to buy ready made pancakes, ice cream and toffee sauce. I'm sure they will be nicer year will be the year I master the art of pancaking im sure.

Average Pancake

Today was a fairly average day for me, I have nothing that exciting to report (as usual) just my mundane ramblings. But I find rambling on here is good for my soul - and costs absoloutley nothing, so I shall continue!

Started off with me waking up and realising I had turned my last alarm off instead of snoozing it, so I legged it to the bus stop, to see the bus I wanted go past (story of my life!). This resulted in me being late for work, I wasn't all that bothered if im honest, but the people waiting in the queue for the bus passes looked pissed off. Most of them are impolite buggers anyway, so I didn't apologise.

After work I went to Asda where I purchased one of the few remaining 'shake a cake' or whatever it is called, you know the pancake mix in a botle you have to add water to. oh exciting stuff!!

Now I am at Ben's, may sound sickening but just seeing him made me smile having not seen him in oooh all of a day haha! We are going to make pancakes in a bit, hopefully turning out better than last year. When the contents of my pan got stuck to the ceiling due to an overdramatic toss. Fool!

I shall be going home later to clean the house and read some more, well basically start the reading for the literature exam on friday. If i read for two solid days it should be o.k. I have been having dizzy spells the past few days though. And not using it as an excuse, but reading doesn't seem to help them. I got 13 out of 20 last week, i'm going to aim for atleast 15.

.....Knew there was something I forgot to mention at the beggining, I have found that setting 4 on my toaster makes perfect toast......not too burnt not too lightly done. Happy days.

Monday, 16 February 2009

The Fucking Co-op

I went to work today had a look at the express and star newspaper, it almost like a daily bible reading ( as there are two editions, a first and a final) for the peolple who live in Wolverhampton and must know everything about the bloody place.
The amount of abuse I have recieved about the apparent lack of available express and stars. My answer being, well I am sorry but we are a shop so we do sell them so we will run out, if you wanted it you should have came in earlier. Not very friendly I know! I do have good customer service skills - honest!! But I wish the people who moaned about the newspapers would bugger off. There are a million other shops in Wolverhampton selling the same paper.

Anyway, there was an article in there today about the co op, and how they have spent an absloute fortune on an advert that will be shown during an entire advert break in Coronation street tonight!! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY! It is ridiculous, an ad break is like what 3-5 minutes, what on earth are they going to advertise! For a start, we never have half of the stock in that appears on those adverts.
Such a waste of money though - when staff hours are having to be cut because the same company cannot afford the staff wages. Ridiculous. Less money on stupid things like posters and a whole advert lasting 5 minutes, and more money spent on staff wages.
Plus someone in work has stole my co op fleece - which I despise! But still it's not the point. That was mine!!

A Reflection upon a lovely weekend

On Friday I had a class test on medieval literature, I scored ok-ish 13 out of 20 - actually its pretty good considering I seem to be rather forgetful lately. I could have done better though considering I read all week for it, trying desperatley for the words to sink in to my rather semmingly thick cranium. I may need to check myself my in to the opticians soonish, my eyesight is getting worse (Ithink), I realised after I found myself squinting at the words in the book, with a frown on my face nealy as bad as gordon ramseys. Well maybe not! But as a student I refuse to pay £60 at specsavers for an eye test, I mean get real! So i've been given some form or another to fil out in the hope I will get an eye test at a discounted rate. But, by the time I have sent the forms off with the 7647644 required documents confirming im definatley a student, and waited another apprximatley 78693 weeks for them to get back to me. I fear i will probably be half blind or something ( hopefully not as serious as that!) So yeah I had a nice friday.

I know Valentines is a day for cliched idealisms of romance and love and blah blah. But I had a fantastic day, actually a fantastic weekend. I woke upto breakfast in bed, with a card, chocolates, earings and a nice pair of boots - lucky me eh! :) Altho I don't really agree with how commercialised it all is, it was still lovely to recieve a nice card and present. Who doesn't like getting presents!? it's nice isn't it. Anyone who disagrees is just lying.

Living on a student budget and what with travel prices so astronomiclly high at the minute, we decided to get the megabus to Leeds....You may well ask what is so 'MEGA' about it, to be fair i do not know! Im guessing its something to do with their prices, £35 quid for two people return to Leeds from Birmingham. Pretty good eh. Something that was not 'mega' was the brat in front of us licking the window and leaving slobber all over it, and the little child in front of him making duck noises from Birmingham right through to Manchester. So if you don't mind a bit of randominity the megabus is the way forward. Even has a toilet on board what more could you want. Not that I used it for I feared it would be a bucket.

We stayed in the Headingley lodge, it is a hotel inside the cricket stadium, sounds bizzare the room was lovely. With a view that looked out onto the cricket pitch - good if you like that type of thing. The pitch was being dug up though, so bit of a muddy view but it did not matter.
We went for a really nice meal in the evening, I feared we wouldn't find a table and that all the romantics would be out in full force occupying every square meter of available resturaunt space. Ended up in this nice little resturaunt called Citrus, I chose citrus humous with a selection of olives and some pitta bread, the for main had some italian dish that was unpronouncable, contained spiced sausage and pasta and various other meat items.
There was quite a few singles there, well mostly groups of single woman out to show they don't need men and are independant and all they need are their friends. Good on them though, it means did not choke on the overwhelming sense of romance.

Highlight and laugh of the night came, when Ben knockd the napkin at the side of the table into the tealight, I did not notice until alf of it was on fire. People around us were oblivious until i started wafting my hands around it like an idiot, Ben picked it up whilst i set about trying to (discreetly) waft out the flames with the first thing I could lay my hands on - a butter knife. Much to the amusement of the group of women sitting opposite us. They wouldn't be laughing if i threw the burning napkin at them would they!! Was rather funny though once I had managed to put it out. No memeber of staff noticed it, so got away with it. The only tell tale sign was the smell of smoke - which filled me right up, so i decided against pudding.
It was a lovely night though.

On Sunday We went to the royal amories which was a nice afternoon out highly recommendd if you like war and associated subjects. Met Ben's parents to, who are lovely. Would have been nice to stay in Leeds a bit longer but the megabus was a callin. I was pleased to find out there were no bratty children on the coach this time, just a lot of students on a budget trying to get back to Birmingham. So all in all, a very nice weekend.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Watch out Glastonbury.

FINALLY!!!! Me and my mate are going glasto. After spending a hidious amount of time on the phone last year, trying to get a ticket but to no avail. We are being swept away on a rather large wave of Glastonbury excitement.

Some ideas we have had so far include, taking a paddling pool, and making cork hats, you know like the ones stereotypical Austraillians wear. Don't really have a reason or need to do this, but why the hell not.

One thing we are both agreed on is INFLATABLES.
I have never really recovered form the loss of my inflatable Stella Artois bottle, that graced my room in halls of residence last year. Hanging from the ceiling, rather like an overgrown baby's play gym.
I just can't decide between an inflatable palm tree, whale, crocodile, flower or robot. HELLLP!

Don't know what bands are playing although I do know Rolf harris is makiing an appearence.
Wobble boards at the ready!!

People from the North West do not seem to like books recommended by Richard and Judy.

Firstly I would like to start by apologising to Ben for leaving my hair straighteners on in his room last night. SOORRYYY!! It is a good job I have hair starightener paranoia (did I turn them on or off!?) Thankfully he went back to check, and dosy arse here had left them turned on, on the floor. Which probably would have caught fire if the starightners had been laying there any longer. This would have resulted in a fire alarm, mass evacuation, and the charred remains of a university owned bedroom. He insisted it was 'ok' although the face said a different story! (WHOOPS!) Sorry ben!

...........maybe an idea for valentines - a cooling mat for straighteners. ha.

Anyway went to Oceana, lured in by the lovely drinks offers, my theory is. If you drink enough you will not care how shit the music is and how much it stinks of sweat. I have rediscovered by love for raspberry sambucca, or more to the point my love for the price of such a lethal spirit. £1.20 for a shot!! With prices like that it is virtually impossible not to binge drink, especially with a glass of wine costing the same.

On the way back home, my moral conscience was pricked, by a church group stod outside the club handing out water ,to the inebriated masses stumbling out. I to was given a glass of water (probably holy or something) but decided I did not want it, so poured it away. I realised this may have made me look ungrateful, I wasn't - I just do not appreciate having things thrust into my face. A few steps further down the road, whilst walking with Ben, I was given a box containing two condoms and a plaster. I did think to myself at the time what a rather odd combination of objets to put into a box. Anyway good on them for promoting both soberness and safe sex, or the allowance of drunkeness and safe sex.

Anyway today my laziness prevented me from getting off my arse, and going to the shop to buy the usual daily paper. Came home after work , and to put off reading the Norton Antholgy i picked up an old copy of the Times that was lying around.
Found a rather interesting feature on Richard and Judy which amused me greatly. According to 'Jack Malvern'...whoever he is,

' A new North South divide has emerged between those who regard Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan as arbiters of literary distinction and those who, to put it politely, do not'

Richard and Judy - Highly regarded figures in the literary world! surely not! He also goes onto say, 'Their recommendations increased sales of some titles by upto 800% (surely not) However research by librarians shows that their power to influence readers is strictly regional'.

The statement that amuses me the most is 'Lending figures suggest that southerners are slaves to Richard and Judy'. Made me chuckle anyway.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Learn something new everyday

Today was a pretty run of the mill boring day at co -op. I stopped some man stealing several bars of Galaxy chocolate (Good deed of the day). I also very nearly had my soul sucked out of me, sat in the bus pass hut for 6 hours giving out bus passes to the people of Wolverhampton. Today has mad me realise how much I hate rudeness, It takes no effort to say please and thankyou now and again. I may refuse to serve the next customer that does not thank me, for standing their like a moron packing their bags for them.

Or maybe next time a customer is rude, I will be the ultimate rebel and pack their eggs next to the milk and other egg crushing items, threfore resuting in cracked and crushed eggs all over their shopping, well it would give me some form of pathetic joy - mehehehe!!
....After some small talk with a customer, who was in a bit of a panic after losing her passport. I learnt that you can get to Ireland WITH A BUS PASS!!!! ....hence the reason why she was purchasing one from me. What on earth is the world coming to, you can board a plane and all you need as proof of i.d is a bus pass.
Glad to see the security measures in place are so high hey!

On a positive note - I am getting happier by the day, my new relationship is blossoming and I am a very happy bunny in all aspects of life!! : ) I've finally found enthusiasm for uni, and actually enjoying the modules, so thats all good.
Anyway I must be off now - The boyfriend is going to cook for me. Hopefully I will not get food poisoning! ha.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Just thought I would be a geek and share a lyric that i love,

'Just keep telling me facts and making me smile'......this lyric makes me :) (modern love by Bloc Party)