Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Sometimes I think not having any choices would make life a hell of a lot easier. Having choice is what makes me stay in ASDA for 40 minutes in the in the olive section, wondering if I should get the garlic stuffed variety or the ones that are filled with jalepenos. Choice gives me a headache. But to imagine a life without having a choice to do or pick something isn't really worth thinking about.

I have been thinking about the English modules I shall taking next year. They have changed over the past day or two, but now I think I'm finally decided. It seems a lot of the modules have exams this year, which fills me with a nervous dread. And although I don't like giving presentations I realise it's something that can't be avoided. So I'm going to embrace it and I may actually prove myself to be semi decent at it.

The modules I have picked are:

semester 1
Classics In Literature
Stylistics: Language and literature
Language in society
Sounds of language

semester 2
Critical Theory
American literature
Writing workshops - special topics

Although the summer has been nice and relaxed I can't wait to get back to uni, my brain is feeling a little sleepy and needs to be woken up. These modules seem like the perfect challenge.

*update: It would appear that I am some form of dimwit. I won't be doing sounds of language, as it isn't even running this year. I had stupidly picked modules that featured in the 2008/2009 module guide not the 2009/10 guide. So it looks as though It will have to be womens writing instead. Although I don't really want to do it, it looks the best out of the bunch.

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  1. You've escaped all the ones I teach then! Exams are back simply because there's so much cheating going on - sad but true.