Wednesday, 29 July 2009

With Jesus in the boat we can smile at the storm.

The title of this post refers to a hymn we used to sing in primary school assembly. It always gives me a mental image of a cartoon like Jesus sitting in a wooden fishing boat, wearing a yellow waterproof mac being tossed about by a storm, it makes me giggle. This is possibly one of my favourite songs from school, that and the song we used to sing at harvest time about broad beans sleeping in a blankety bed. Now if I remember correctly there was also a line about beetroot,cauliflower and mushrooms, but I can't for the life of me remember what the song was called. My guess is, whoever composed it had probably been eating a few too many mushrooms themselves.

It's been raining since like forever now. Rain is nice if you have nothing to do, but can bugger things up if you have plans. Rain always makes me want to stay in bed, nice warm and dry.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed, it is my day off so I didn't want to waste it. When I looked out of the window, I was greeted with the view that the animals on Noah's ark were probably greeted with. Rain, rain, rain, rain, and more RAAAIIIN!

Guess which silly sod hasn't got an umbrella? Yes, me. I always mean to get one but then it goes sunny. Ex umbrelllas that I have owned in the past always seem to want to desert me and blow inside out at crucial times, i.e when I'm laden down with shopping bags crossing a really busy road and the rain is at its heaviest. I have never had a decent relationship with the things.

..I am aware that as I am writing this the rain has actually stopped. But now it's too late to do the things that I wanted to do in the day. I wanted to go the art gallery and see some of the new exhibitions, I probably would have gone but I was kind of worried at the fact I would get soaking wet walking in the rain and resemble a drowned rat. I wouldn't mind but I made an effort to look nice today, a nice dress, cardigan etc. All gone to waste. I have sat in all afternoon and not done much it has been relaxing though! So I suppose it's ok.

Actually I lie, I did go to asda where I got some grapes for 75p and some asparagus for 45p. Now if it wasn't for the rain, I never would have bagged those bargains.

A few things I have learnt today.

They are:

1) It always rains when I have plans.

2) They have moved the rice cakes in ASDA, it took me ten minutes to find them.

3) Weight watchers bacon is not that nice and doesn't really taste bacony. I was rather dissapointed.

4) I need to buy an umbrellla, but I refuse to pay £6 for one.

5) I need my fringe cutting by a hairdresser, if i attempt to do it again it will almost certainly go wrong.

6) It isn't good to stick your hand under a grill for too long when it is on.

5) Don't wear a dress in the rain, it gets all soggy.

Oh I forgot to say, yesterday we (the people I shall be living with in september) went to victoria halls to sign for the flat. Finally. This means that now I am broke, but happy. Only a few weeks to go now until we move in. hurrah.

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  1. You're too late for an umbrella. They breed in offices and lecture halls on cloudy spring days, when you can pick them for free. Rainy days are too late.