Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I'm praying for 6ft of snowfall overnight.

Thats probably a bit greedy actually, 1ft of snow would probably have the desired outcome. I so hope university is shut tomorrow due to a disgusting amount of overnight snow but I know that won't be the case. I have an exam tomorrow for Language In Society, and have I revised enough? errrm well no! But there is pretty much nothing I can do about that now given the time is 12.45am and my exam is 11am, SO I'll just go to bed where I will spend the night thinking and worrying. I wish I wasn't such a thinker.

It's mine and Ben's first year anniversary today, all the snow is bringing back fond memories of last year when the weather was just as bad as is it is now yet we went on our first date and had a really lovely time, until I slipped like a wally in the snow hit the floor and dragged the poor boy down with me as he was trying to be romantic giving me a piece of chocolate. Neither of us were hurt apart from a broken nail and my bashed up pride. I have already fallen over in the snow twice already and thats enough although I hope to be as happy this year as I was last year.

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