Wednesday, 27 January 2010

In a ranting mood.

At the moment there are a few things that are grinding my gears.
  1. UNIVERSITY - The fact that due to cut backs to save money that will apparently be spent on more books for the library, module guides are no longer given out in class and it would also appear that handouts have vanished and now most are electronic. This may be easier for lecturers and granted It only takes a few clicks and a couple of seconds to download it so that isn't the problem. What I do have a problem with though is the fact that I don't see what the tuition fee of £3,245 a year is being spent on if we are no longer given paper resources in class so therefore have to spend even more money printing out stuff like guides, short stories etc and at 5p a page it may not be a lot of money and I'm no tight arse, but it all adds up especially when handouts are a few pages long and there are four modules each semester. The length of lectures do not seem to be value for the tuition fee we are charged, usually they allocate a 2-3hour slot for a lecture/seminar which is a decentish amount of time. But I have noticed that this isn't the case, 3hour lectures sometimes finish upto an hour earlier meaning students are missing out on valuable lecture time where they could be learning more from a lecturer before going home and carrying out independent study. Poor lecturers that get dumped with the two hour lecture slots seem to have not enough time and race to cram everything in sometimes without a much needed 5 minute break even if it is just to stretch your hands from writing, personally I need a break after an hour, no matter how much I try to force myself to concentrate my mind always goes blank and I sit there in trance like state so god knows what the lecturers must think it must be disheartening to have 30+ students sitting staring at you looking as though the light is on but no one is home.

2. The new room on the 4th floor in university - It has no windows and the lighting is HORRIBLE! Headache inducing strip lights that are really bright. grrrrrr!!!!

3. The copy of Beloved by Toni Morrison that I ordered off bloody Amazon - I paid £3.98 for it or something like that but that's not the point. Supposedly it was 'used but in perfect condition' some liar put in the description, when it arrived the pages were bent and wrinkled from where somebody had spilt liquid on it - probably tea or coffee. And it had something sticky on it which I had to wipe off with dettol spray but worst of all was when I looked inside the cover it had in the corner £1.99. You would have thought if they were selling a book for more than what they bought it for then the least they could have done was rub out the price, especially as it was only written in pencil. That made me much more angrier than I should have probably got.

4. The trainee boy in the nail place - who I'm not kidding was about 14. I went to get my acrylic nails soaked off as they were irritating me and I wanted to paint my natural nails a nice colour seeing as I had let them grow for a change. He was let loose with an electric file with which he cut the skin around my cuticle resulting in a small cut that although barely visible really stings, and I ended up paying £10 for the pleasure, also he sqaured off my nails when I asked for them to be rounded.

Rant over.

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  1. The more fees go up the more Uni's need to get their act together. I was at Goldsmiths a few years ago on an MA and the course organisation was chaotic to say the least. Ok if you're getting it for nothing but at over 3k.I'm doing an MSc elsewhere now and the organisation is much better, but I have the printing issue too - its a bit cheeky as those things used to be free - trick is to print multiple pages per sheet, double sided.