Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Haven't been on here in aaaages.

I haven't been on here in ages so I thought I would come on and write some bull. Well naturally, a lot of things have happened nothing of any great interest to be honest. I still work at the co op and things in uni are going well it's just zooming along and it's getting scary just how long I have left, although I have made a change that will hopefully allow me to achieve my ambition of becoming a teacher!! I've finally went back to college to do a night class in GCSE maths and I've got my own little saying of 'the fourth time lucky' to keep me going, I hope to God I can achieve that bloody elusive C grade. My 15 year old sister is currently doing the same and it is rather soul destroying when she can do the work to a better level!! It takes so much willpower to drag my ass there every Tuesday but I think I'm improving so that's a good thing. I have also trained through the university as an Aim Higher Associate which involves going to a school and being a mentor to students and just being a 'rolemodel' along with promoting further and higher education, I've been given the school I'll be placed in so I'm just waiting to start. I'm also going to apply to do a PGCE, I just have to gain experience of working in a school before I can send the application form off, which is worrying as people are already having interviews.

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