Sunday, 7 June 2009

Finally got there, a year later than planned.

It did not matter to me, that this morning I had to wake up at quarter to seven to get ready for work. Or did the fact that it was absolutely chucking it down and I had to walk for twenty minutes to get there with an unruly umbrella that did not wish to co-operate with me. Normally that would annoy me. I still wasn't annoyed by the fact that my socks got so wet walking in the rain I had to wring them out in the sink when I got to work, and then walk around all day sockless in a pair of soaking wet shoes.

You know why that didn't bother me? If you aren't that bothered well tough, stop reading because I am going to continue anyway.

Yes I have done it, on my second bloody attempt I have passed my first year studying English. GET IN!! In my assignments I got an E, 5 C's and a B. Much better than my pityful grades last year! Although I will literally kick myself for the rest of my life, because if I put the concentration in last year I would have passed first time. Still, atleast i've done it now.

I'm reeeallly looking forward to studying new modules next year and I am up for a challenge. I am still in a pickle over what modules to take though. hhmm.

Anyway, I watched this really good programme about T.S Elliot on iplayer last night. Robert Webb was the presenter. I have a slight crush on him, o.k maybe slight to medium.

Change of subject here, but if you like really tasty puddings, the G.U range have cooked up a wonderful chocolate, mouse, banana. caramel thing served in little glass pots. They are rather delicious.


  1. Congratulations - plain sailing from hereon in! See you next year.