Monday, 1 June 2009

Oh dear!

Oh dear! I am sunburnt, my shoulder is actually as red as a lobster. I am a silly arse at times, in asda the other day I saw this Ambre soliel sun cream stuff on offer, so I just bunged it in the basket thinking it was suncream. When I got to the park on Sunday however I realised it was bronzing moisture milk. (whatever that is) Infact it didn't actually contain any spf. Which is not a wise move when you have pale skin like me.

Now I (probably) have self inflicted third degree burns to my shoulder. A valuable lesson has been learnt though so that's ok. Ben suffered the good old British t- shirt tan, well I say tan he is burnt to.

It also doesn't help when I had to wear an all black uniform to work today, I felt like an overworked beach donkey sweltering in the heat. I was dying to just jump into the ice cream freezer. We will all be moaning on Friday though because the weather is supposed to be going dull and cloudy. WHOOOOO!!
I'm in a really good mood today, everything just smells of summer, all the BBQ'S and the smell of suncream make me giddy. The smell of creosote also reminds me of summer, a memory from when I was 6 years old playing in the front garden, my grandad was creosoting the fence whilst my nan was slaving away in the kitchen making tea.

I'm off to cook a nice summery tea for Ben and myself. Salmon, new potatoes, vegetable rice and asparagus pan fried in chilli. Yum.

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