Friday, 29 May 2009

sunburnt chin!

Today was a glorious day, it resulted in me getting a sunburnt chin!? how? (nose, chest, back and arm - the left side) oh how I love the summertime and my pasty pale skin. Tomorrow I shall be fighting the masses in ASDA to get my hands on the sun cream. Knowing my luck the only ones left will probably be the creams that cost like £17 a bottle or something. But I suppose its better than getting skin cancer.

My nin and grumps (nan and grandad) came down to sunny Wolves today with my two delightful uncles, Nathan and Jacob. Ben, myself and kat my housemate took them to west park for a bit of a kick around. It was lovely, although it came to my attention that the council really need to put a fence around the boating lake. The amount of toddlers that were right near the edge made me really worry, especially as their parents did not seem to mind as they walked 7677 miles behind them.

We ended up going to the carvery and having a nice meal whilst sat in the sun - this is where I think my skin burnage took place, due to the fact kat wanted to sit in the sun without a parasol. My Nin then took us ASDA got us some food and two bottles of wine, which I shall enjoy whilst having a BBQ on Sunday. Although im not that good at BBQ cooking , so by Monday I shall probably have food poisoning.

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  1. Hope everybody survives your cooking. I'm wearing factor 50 this weekend.