Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Another early start to the day.

I'm up with the larks today, well for me it's early. Apart from Tuesday and Sunday I'm never awake at this hour, probably because I have been conditioned by the university time system. Which is like no other. I often find that in lectures that what is actually a two hour time period can feel like ten, and it's times like now when I have essays to finish and hand in, that time just seems to vanish.

I haven't read the days news yet, although I have read /listened/viewed it everyday since I was about 11 I think today I may not bother. It will probably only be depressing anyway. And I can do without the depression of the nations goings on.

After this essay is handed in I'll have only one more to go on Friday. Then that's it. Summer can commence. I can't wait to just go the park and chillout in the sun *fingers crossed*, with a good book and a mr.whippy, or a twister if the ice cream man sells them. You can't seem to purchase them in mnat places nowadays.

I'm really looking forward to next week, I am going to London with Ben to the Oval theatre to watch a play called 'Boo'. Inspired by the charcater of Boo Radley, from 'To kill a mockingbird'. I expect this is going to be something worth watching. Although at school I hated studying the text, I have realised since I have grown up that this was probably down to the fact we had a really crap teacher and nothing to do with the book itself. I think I may throw my judgements away and read it again over summer with fresh eyes.
After the play hopefully we will have time to do very touristy things like stand outside Buckingham palace and have our pictures taken.....yay.

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