Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank holiday

I was supposed to be working today, but as I have worked every bank holiday going in the past. I think my manager took pity on me and gave me the day off. I had plans to go the park today and sit in the sun getting stuck into a decent book whilst Ben played footy or whatever with the lads. I do like the sun, but I'm the type of person that would get hot in the arctic. Im always too hot, and have a constant battle with the other half over my constant window opening, I love a good old breeze.

Well my day with me waking up 1pm so that was half the day wasted, when I looked outside anyway the weather was grim. So the park idea was scrapped. I did take a look at the lighthouse cinema, there is an interesting looking italian film with english subtitles - 'il divo' (not that jumped up group of singers) the trailer contained a lot of gunfire and violent film shinannigans, but it looks good. I didn't go see it today but may do so in the week. I worked out it would be cheaper going to asda and buying a DVD.

In the DVD section I was accosted by a foreign gypsy/maffia looking man, wearing a lemon colured vest and a grotesque handlebar moustcahe. He asked me ....''where is the pornograph cd''....horrible horrible little man. For a start he was stood in the disney dvd section, so wouldn't have had much look there. I pointed him in the direction of an innocent looking woman working on the george clothes section. Hopefully she would have told him to piss off and stop asking cutomers where the 'pornograph' is.

Anyway the DVD choice of the day was blood diamond. A really good film, leo dicaprio even does a decent-ish south african accent. Although it has put me off getting a diamond ring when I get married. A haribo jelly ring will do fine.


  1. Glad it's not just me who hates the sun.
    Il Divo is a fantastic treatment of Giulio Andreotti, one of the most sinister Italian prime ministers ever: corrupt, links with the masonic and mafia underground, a key player in the 'years of lead' which almost saw the Italian state collapse. He's still alive, and very frightening.

  2. It wasn't Eugene Hutz, was it?

  3. No no, I like the sun. It just doesn't make a great partnership with my pale skintone.

  4. Merciless - That link was broken. What is it?

  5. Gah! Doesn't matter, Eugene huts was/is just some lead isnger of a gypsy band. He also acts, just not very well.