Sunday, 10 May 2009

Drop Dead Fred

I have just read some devastating news from the trash that is heat magazine. So i'm hoping it's not true.

Apparently a group of directors have got together and have come up with the not so genius idea of remaking 'Drop Dead Fred', What are they thinking. Bloodywell leave it alone!! It's only like one of the best films from my childhood. And it shouldn't be touched up and redone, becuase it can't be made any better.

Lanky streak of piss Russell Brand is lined up for the lead role. And he is rubbish at anything other than being a complete idiot.

I hope to god this news isn't true. If it is I may shed a tear or two.


  1. Worst. Film. Ever. Why on earth would anyone think this was worth remaking?
    And stay away from Heat magazine. It rots the brain!

  2. Come on Vole. Worse than Birth of A Nation? Worse than The Eternal Jew? Worse than Star Trek IV: The Wrath of Khan?

    Drop Dead Fred is a minor classic and the sooner the world realises this and stops this remake the better.

    The day I hear Russell Brand calling a thirty year old woman having relationship problems snot-face will be a sad day indeed.

  3. Yes, yes I Know,it is a brain rotter. Should come with a public health warning. Especially if they are going to print 'stories' of such vulgar nature. It is my guilty plaesure gossip 'read'.

    If it helps I don't actually buy it, just browse through it when 'fixing' the magazines in work.