Friday, 3 April 2009

Jolly mood

Today I have woke up in a good mood which is always nice, and I think its going to be a nice steady paced day. Which is always welcomed on a friday. My plan after I have typed this is to go eat a bowl of shreddies and a pear, get a shower, get changed and go to lecture. Don't know what it is about this week, I should probably check actually. I will probably end up coming out with the usual friday lecture 'claw', after writing so many notes my hand no longer looks like hand but an actual claw or something like that. Good old hand cramp.

I have been scarily organised lately when it comes to uni work and things, so yesterday I made a list of books that may help me for the end of year essays. Some of them only have one copy available, so im guna be hitting the library quicksharp after lecture. As usual it will probably be a race between me and some other student for the last copy of the book. I'm not going to back down this time. If my hand touches it first, then it's mine.

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