Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Karma has smacked me in the face

I was a bit naughty last year and took a kettle from halls of residence to use in our house. My housemates spurred me on - how supportive of them, yet none of them would take it. So I did. Yes I feel guilty BUT it was at a time when no one was living there, so it wasn't like I was depriving residents of a vital equipment. That is not even a good excuse.

Stealing is bad kids!

Especially when we could have got a real cheap one from Tesco for like a fiver. I like to think I believe in karma to a certain degree. And today it came and smacked me in the mush. It's only gone and broke. And now I am cold from having my window open all night (I forgot to shut it and I like the breeze) and I'd love nothing better than a cup of camomile, honey and vanilla tea. But I can't be arsed going all the way downstairs, and standing over a pan of water waiting for it to boil.

I have learnt my lesson and shall never steal any form of kitchen appliance again. . . .or anything else for that matter! Its naughty and bad. And in some countries I would have had both hands cut off for it by now. And I rather value my hands, much more than I do a kettle.


  1. We've all done it. I have, anyway. Not at this institution though.
    Cynical Ben's after your blood for cheese wastage. Run for the hills!

  2. I once met a retired bank robber. He looked me in the eye and with a tired voice said "It doesn't pay to steal. I worked so hard and what have I got to show for it? I tell you, if I had a pound for every pound I've stolen over the years, I'd be a rich man."

  3. Where've you been? Are you OK?