Thursday, 2 April 2009

I do love a good Bic Biro

I have realised a few things of late.....

1)Life is precious and even though I try not to, I may take the things and people in it for granted. I am sorry, I don't mean to. I miss my family and friends back home and should tell them that I love them more. I am lucky just to have family, some people don't even have that.

2) I am actually very capable at doing things at rather a high standard if I set my mind to it, because I know I am not thick. Teachers at school have always said, 'Lauren is intelligent and capable, If she puts 100% effort into things she will achieve her full potential'. This is true, I have realised that I aint just going to get a degree, teaching job and a nice house sat on my ass. I am going to start working to my full potential, well better late than never.

3) Bic biro's are my favourite type of pen to write with. I don't like blue pen though AT ALL, not even bic. If bic went bust during the recession I would cry.

4) Sometimes I can be too hard on myself when I mess things up, I should just learn from it.

5) I don't really like Tomato soup. After eating half of a rather large tin I realised I felt sick, and thought it would probably be wise to stop eating it, the other half got poured down the sink. The drains probably didn't like the taste of it either.

6) I can be happy being single and in a couple, but I think I am more of a relationship type of girl. I like doing things together, sharing things, leaving stupid notes around the place. And waking up to my boyfriend is nice and makes me feel all happy.

7) Stick with the wine that you like even if it is a bit costly on a student budget, although the two for £5 offer looks DOESN'T bloody taste good. I could hardly drink it.

8) One of the best albums I have possibly ever listened to is 'Play' by Moby, although it has always been in my top three.

9) No matter how much you plan things, sometimes they just dont work out and sometimes its for the good - never did I imagine a few years back that my life would be like this now. I know my Dad and I am possibly meeting the grandparents.

10) I forgot how much I love the album ' The Eraser' by thom yorke

11) I think rather alot, sometimes this is good and other times it's bad.

12)Lots of silly things like films have made me cry lately, I don't no why.

13) I want to learn to play an instrument

14) Or learn a language

15) I need to get my maths GCSE sorted pronto, even though I am at uni, I still haven't gained a C in maths - which is probably why I am doing English. ha! ....I tried bloody hard though to get that elusive C. Four years in a row I sat that exam. From year 10 at school until the second year of my Alevels in college. To no avail, I am determined though, I WILL GET IT ONE DAY!

16) I should have kept Fred the weathermans autograph. I'm never ever gunna get that back now! Damn!

17) I should resign myself to the fact that I will never set up a sellors account on Ebay, I shall just continue to buy more and more junk with my buyers account.

18) Maybe I should learn to sew proparly and wire a plug or something. One day here's hoping I will be a housewife, and a semi decent/has her uses crap one at that.

19) I should stop wishing I was young again, stop worrying so much about the future and just live more in the present.

20) I love manderin vodka and cranberry. And honey vanilla and camomile tea.

21) I should write to my Great Gran more, she is old and frail and really lovely and I don't see her much. She also loves recieving letters, I think I will write her an Easter card.

22) I love strawberry and rain scented incense sticks

23) That is enough realisations for now I think. Off to bed.

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  1. Bravo! Keep going with the maths, and you can do a language course free at Wolves with the WLP - any time you want.
    And now I know who you are!