Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The sound of rain makes me happy

Ahh I love the sound of really heavy rain battering against the window. Well when I am inside anyway, its not so joyous if you stuck outside in it looking like a drowned rat. I find the sound really ryhtmic and comforting I don't really know why. But when I was a little kid and it used to chuck it down outside when I was out playing, I knew my mum would come outside and shout me in, I used to hide with my friends in an attempt to stay out and play in the rain.

I just want to state now that I hate the type of rain thats really rubbish, the grim, drizzly stuff. Its got to be the pelting down bouncing off the pavement type. Anyway I speak of this today because at about 8am this morning when I was in work there was a really heavy thunder rain storm. This was nice to watch and listen to, and also a bonus for me as no customers really ventured into the shop until a couple of hours afterwards.

Ben is still at home, but coming back on Friday. I can't wait to see him (new haircut n all) and wish the days would hurry up - not so fast though. I still have to do the reading for uni so I can start the essays. Tomorrow will be a productive day hopefully!

Kat (my housemate) and myself are back on our health kick, we did lose weight, but it kind of crumbled after a few weeks. But I'm determined it will last longer than a month this time! Summer is the incentive, I am determined to get trim. Today I came home and poured the bottle of coke down the sink and threw the cheese in the bin. Going to buy some home exercise stuff on Monday I think.

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  1. You threw cheese in the bin! Cheese! In the bin! Oh God the humanity! Throwing away perfectly good cheese is like burning the last copy of the complete works of Shakespeare. It is civilisation that suffers.

    It is not too late to do the right thing and rescue that cheese and give it the end it deserves; being part of a delicious meal/snack.