Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Oh look it's Easter....nearly!

Last night myself and Ben went to Nandos and stuffed ourselves on Chicken, spicey rice and bottomless glasses of soft drink. Now normally, if you are all that bothered I have my chicken cooked in medium peri peri, but last night I decided to take a walk on the wild side and have it HOT! Ouchy! It burnt about three layers of skin off the inside of my mouth, anyway it was tatsy all the same.

The co-op currently has a three for £5 offer on Easter eggs, this is a bit pants really, considering Tesco is selling the same egg for 98p and ASDA £1. I told everyone who was buying them at the till that they are on offer at these supermarkets, I tried to be discreet although i'm sure the manager heard me sending custom elsewhere...Damn! Bang goes my chances of employee of the month. Although im pretty sure all the reward is, is your name on the wall. Which isn't really a reward, as I can write my name on the wall myself for free.

Ben's grandma sadly passed away last week, so he has gone home earlier than expected for easter holiday to attend her funeral, and the girls have gone home too. So i'm in Wolves with not a lot. Actually correction, nothing to do apart from having good intentions of getting my essays started, or atleast doing the reading for them. I did go the library the other day and got 8 books out, which resulted in my bulging carrier bag of books ripping in the middle of the road as I was walking home. So yeah i'm going to flick through them and get myself off to a good start.

Quick question, does anyone know any good books about Renaissance literature? there are so many I don't know where to start. I just want to read some info about the period and historical context so I can apply it to the essay and make an attempt to sound like I know what I'm on about.

My mum and Ellis are coming down on Friday for the day, and it's mum's payday so i'm hoping she might buy me some decent food that I would never normally waste my money on. I think she has got me an easter egg, which is sweet considering i'm 20. Obviously it will be nice to see them, Ellis is 13 now and she inists on jumping up at me at the train station and giving me a hug when she steps off the train. This is all very nice, but rather soul destroying when I realise at age 13 she is nearly as tall as me, and when I lift her up her feet scrape the floor. I wonder how long she will last before she insults me. Last time they came down I think she managed a rather impressive 5 minutes without giving me some verbal abuse. She loves me really though I hope.

I am going now to eat some jaffa cakes or maybe a pear. Maybe both. ooooooh.

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