Sunday, 29 March 2009

Well I was not expecting that!

Went to Manchester yesterday to visit the father. Unfortunatley, the trip did not result in a wagamama meal like I had hoped. Although I did help (chopped the veg) in making roasted Butternutsquash, peppers and onions in some oil with added spices, served alongside lime and coriander cous cous. It was nice but didn't wipe the floor with the yaki udon - that reigns supreme!

I have had this ongoing battle of wills with my dad for about 4 years now, about me meeting his mum and dad - my nan and grandad!? Dunno how I view them. Anyway we have always been stubborn in nature. I have always refused to give in to the fact that I just want to meet them and to be acknowledged by them. And Dad has always been stubborn and firmly said No!

So it did come as quite a rather large shock (I was wearing a plastic viking hat at the time) when he just comes out with, 'so ive discussed with my mum and dad about them meeting you its gunna happen, sooner rather than later i think' I was like whooaah! Well i bloodywell was not expecting that! Although it is something I have always wanted, never for the life of me did I think anything would materialise. Now I am shitting it all over again, all nervous and stuff just like when I was 16 and I met dad for the first time. I hate that feeling, it makes me feel all sick and mouth watery. But I am not backing out, no bloody way. It's gunna be wierd anyway. What the hell do you say to two people who have known of your existance for 20 years, yet not done anything about wanting to know you.

I am a bit scared!

I did learn something new though, dad is trying to be daddy cool, and is probably going through some form of early mini midlife crisis or something. He has just bought a bass guitar thingy, it is rather niice though. Yesterday I had never even held a guitar, and now I can strum along to some sigur ros track. GO ME!! Granted it did take me like 2 hours to finally master it.

Today (Sunday) Woke up early for work :( left Ben sleeping peacefully in bed, which made me wana stay. Then I got to work, after nearly getting ran over by some dickhead who was going waay to fast. And I had to try and coax some drunk man out of the shop who would not leave, he insisted me on telling me the story of how he had just been arrested at the bus stop for being drunk and disorderly. Apparently he told the lone policewoman to 'Fuck off', So she seemingly just let him go. Care for the community or what eh. I felt pissed just off the alcoholic fumes of his minging breath.

Went the cinema with the girls tonight, went too see duplicity. If you want a money saving tip - DO NOT waste your money going and see it. It will make you cry with tears of boredom, it is rubbish. You would get more joy out of watching paint dry.

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  1. That's nice about your family, hope it goes well for you. Understandable to be nervous though so don't worry about that.