Friday, 24 July 2009

Another day.

I would be a rubbish nurse. I have had an awful nights sleep tossing and turning, then at 4.36am (I checked on my phone) I was woke up by some little noises that sounded like a wounded animal. It took me about a minute to realise it was Ben laying next to me fidgeting around with his face in the pillow, it turns out he had tootache.

Half asleep I got myself out of bed and spent a good five minutes searching for ibuprofen and paracetamol. Why is it they always seem to be lying around, but when you need them they can never be found. Anyway I shoved on a dessing gown, not really bothering that it wasn't tied or that if someone saw me in the kitchen they would have a shock at the state of my bed hair. So I went and got him some water and tablets and hoped to get back into the nice comfy bed.

He was still in pain though, so I come up with the suggestion of me going to ASDA to get him some anbesol to make it numb. I said this but didn't think Ben would say yes. Now the time was nearing 5am. I was just about to slip on my jeans and drag my sorry ass off to asda, when I remembered a carrier bag full of bits and bobs (mainly junk, fake tan corector wipes and medicine) that I bought from the house when I moved out. It contained anbesol - HURRAH!! I knew there was a reason I kept items that I never really use.

A few blobs of that on his tooth, and I'm guessing it worked it's numbing magic as he was out for the count. Shame about me though, I've been practically nudged out of bed and i'm sleeepy. Anyway hopefully when he wakes up the toothache has gone, otherwise it'll be a lovely day spent in the dentist.

Victoria halls
For the past few weeks we have been getting a bit stressed about moving into the new halls. We have had the forms for a good two months or so now, but we never seemed to decide on a day when we would hand them in. Then last week the Express and star has to go and print a story about the halls facing closure before it even opens. This added more stress as no one from the halls had told us anything, and we were left wondering what would happen. I didn't want to live in a house again, and uni accomodation is grotty.

They said that if the Gas canisters stored in carvers building yard were to blow then the halls would fall in the blast zone. Which obviously means that the building would face damage, therefore posing a risk to life. Feeling a bit nervous and wanting answers Ben, Nikita, Rob and myself went to the halls office and spoke with the manager. He said basically that its a pile of bull. Well i'm hoping it is anyway. He said that the buildings that have already been built are not in the blast zone. But they also got permission to build an extra block D, and if they were to go ahead with that extra building now, then that would be the one to fall in the zone. I hope this is true and that we are not being fed a few lines. So It would appear that we are safe to move in, the forms will be in next Tuesday all done and dusted, hopefully without any niggles.

Bye bye university overpriced for what you get halls. Hello luxury student accomodation.

After feeling my jeans getting tighter I am now on weight watchers, I am doing it by myself and sticking to the 'points' and weighing myself once a week. I can't justify spending £6 a week going to the classes, and having someone read the scales for you and to make you feel like crap if you have only lost a pound or two. As it's the summer I have no excuse not to exercise either, I just pity the people around west park who will have to see me all red faced as I jog my way around. Maybe one day I will work up to a run.

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