Friday, 24 July 2009

Rice cakes

I really love rice cakes.
I am trying to eat healthily along with exercise in the hope of losing some weight that Isn't needed. I want to be able to maintain it, rather than just give up in a few weeks time when I get fed up or annoyed with myself.

I have been eating things like rice and veg with fish or chicken for tea, or as some people like to call it dinner. Wierdos.
Anyway here is were the rice cakes come in, I usually have rice cakes and fruit for breakfast. I'm finding though that my choice of rice cake topping is getting a little boring, it's either low fat cream cheese or mashed up banana.

Does anyone know of any nice imaginative toppings, that work well on an otherwise boring rice cake? Nothing to watery though, soggy rice cake is rubbish.


  1. Not imaginative ones, sadly as I'm not a fan of rice cakes and would probably smother them in Nutella - but you could try hummus/ marmite/ cottage cheese/honey/peanut butter, but not all at the same time!

  2. I have thought of the marmite idea already, but it sounds really dry and digudting. Although I love marmite.