Thursday, 9 July 2009

Don't you just love an automated voice.

After being put on hold for 20 minutes, and being told by an automated welsh voice, '' we are sorry for the delay but we are experiencing a high demand of calls right now, if you would like to hold we will put you through to an advisor''. I finally got through to the dimwits at the tax office just as I was about to give up and put the phone down. Hurrah.

Since the start of time (March) I have been trying to reclaim my tax money back since I was being emergency taxed since September, and without fail everytime I have been fobbed off with something like 'ring back in a week', or 'the system is down'. Today on the phone I decided to use a more firm tone of voice, I don't know if it was that what worked. Or maybe I had just been put through to the only helpful person who works there, but either way it's all been sorted now. Thank God!

Now it's just the pesky student loans to deal with uh - oh. I have left it so late to apply, I probably won't receive any form of financial help until the year 2087. It's my own fault really, but if the process wasn't so god damn long I think I would have done it months ago. And really to be honest I am known to be a bit lazy so that probably doesn't help.

I didn't do much today apart from ring the tax people and go to ASDA for bananas, honey and mushy peas. Although Ben went to Birmingham today with James, for a meeting about working with a charity for the disabled. Its just starting off and is all very exciting, promoting disability awareness and things and giving talks.
If you are reading this Ben I am really proud of you and what you are doing, now don't be getting a big head!

The funeral for Grandad Harry is on Wednesday, and i'm stuck over what to wear. I know it isn't a fashion show and no one will care, but still I want to look half respectable and not like a scruffbag. I can scrub up fairly well when I make an effort.

Its either black trousers with a black ruffled blouse and heels.
Black ruffled blouse with a grey pencil skirt and black heels
Black skirt and black smart top thingy and black heels.

Tomorrow I face a fun filled day with Kat and Abi. This will involve a trip to citizens advice to see what if anything can be done about my ex housemate 'selfish', and her lack of decency when It comes to paying her share of the bills.

Let the battle commence I say.


  1. Good luck with the battle against...well, I suspect the person but I won't mention her name on here out of respect.