Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Cineworld staff what a bunch of morons!

Ben and I decided on going to see transformers last night. Well I say decided, that was the only subtitled film showing at cineworld Wolverhampton. Its a bit pathetic really, don't they think that deaf people go to the cinema. I'm not even deaf or hard of hearing ,but I am annoyed at the lack of choice of films that are shown with subtitles at that cinema. It would appear that there is only one subtitled film shown per week with one allocated time slot. So all in all pretty crap if you are deaf like Ben. It would appear deaf people cannot have choice when visiting the cinema.

So transformers it was, to be honest it was more my insistence on seeing something with subtitles that we ended up sitting through that wretched film. Although with his hearing aids, he may be able to hear a little bit but not much. I like watching a film with him that has the subtitles because I know that then we are both enjoying it and he can follow it and its nice to see him laugh at the parts everyone else does as he can follow it. It's just a shame transformers isn't funny. It's really really lame. Megan Fox yes she is hot, but my main problem is that her character wore white skinny jeans throughout the film, whilst racing through and rolling around in the desert. Sorry but there is no way on earth they would stay white, yet they managed to stay sparkling throughout. Which for me made the action scenes unconvincing.

Back to the subtitles anyway, as we were queuing I thought I best check it was deffo the subtitled viewing, it would appear the total utter moron behind the desk didn't have a clue what planet she was on never mind anything else. Her reply to my 'this is the subtitles viewing isn't it?' was .....errrm I dunno. She then proceeded to look through the booklet and after about 5 minutes said 'ermm yeah well its supposed to be'. She then called over some bloke called Raj 'The manager' he was just as helpful with his. ' Well yeah its supposed o be, but if you get in there and it isn't well then after the film you can have a refund'.

Well thanks for your help you donkey, that's no good if my deaf boyfriend has to sit through a film he can't follow you utter utter prat. That's what I felt like saying, but I just thought it instead.

Thankfully when the film started it was subtitled, if not i might have hurt someone. When some woman across the cinema gives the loudest disapproving tut ever and goes ' oh god whaaaat', as soon as subtitles appear. I could have thrown my tortillas at her, how bloody ignorant can one person be. This was the only showing a person who is deaf or hard of hearing could have gone to see, if she had a problem then why not go to one of the other 8 showings throughout the day and not go through the obvious torment of having to follow the words at the bottom of the screen the stupid cow. No one else seemed to have a problem with it. Oh it really made me angry inside.
I hoped she disliked the film as much as I did. The best part of the film was eating my chocolate and the end for obvious reasons.
The next subtitled they decide to show, better be good.


  1. Cineworld have never been good films with subtitles, probably best to try an indie cinema if there is one close by. Even then you might mostly have a choice of foreign films which might not be to your taste.

    Over here in the States I find it hilarious when I try to introduce my wife to some Scottish films that he subtitle option is set as standard on some dvd's not for the deaf but because the accent is supposed to be too difficult to understand.

  2. Understandable if you are not used to accents! There is a local cinema near by that my university uses as a lecture theatre for film studies, It is good and shows a few films that are foreign so therefore have subtitles. Although the tickets are like £6 and the tickets I had for cineworld were free. Although the film was rubbish. haha. Maybe I should have just paid and went to see a semi decent film!

  3. I too would have thrown anything to hand at the ignorant women who moaned when the subtitles appeared. Although judging by the prices of the food at cinemas, it may well have been a shoe. At least I could buy a new pair for much the same price as a bag of popcorn ;)

  4. Hahaha! This is true kim, so true. If you went primark I do belive you could buy two pairs of plimsoles (they are £1.96 a pair) for the same price as a bag of popcorn. Scandalous or what.

  5. As someone who works for Cineworld in the projection area. The reason that only a selected film shown has subtitles, is due to the equipment upstairs. We only have one projector that has this facility and whichever film has been allocated to this screen, is the film that has the subtitle capability. We have no choice in the budget of the equipment nor the say in which film is played where. As for the prices of the snacks etc, again another decision from someone up top and the reason for this is because they lose so much money from tickets sales as this goes to the film distributors, they have to recovber their money from somewhere else, ie this being the snacks and drinks etc. You do have the option not to buy it! We are not all morons who work at Cinewworld so you cant really judge the whole company on the basis that you have not had the best experience on one ocassion.

    1. Agreed. I too work at cineworld. I think it is a bit ignorant itself to say that you felt like hitting everyone who didn't agree with you or when you didn't get your own way. Most people don't like subtitles because they distract them from the main feature. The snacks are optional and in most of the cinemas you can actually bring your own food in.

      To be honest you sound like a bit of a bitch.