Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Good old facebook eh. A few hours ago I found out of my grandads death via my sisters status. Today , four days after the stroke his body finally gave in and he stopped the fighting. I am happy family were given the time to go and say goodbye to him. Although he passed away in hospital, it is a nice reassuring feeling to know that he was with all of his daughters when he went from this world to another place.

I am not big on religion at this stage in my life, maybe it could be seen by some as me just being ignorant. Maybe it is, I don't know. Maybe as I get older my views will change. I am an open person and accepting of many things, it's just that I don't really believe there is a God as such. I don't think there is one being that put us all here. I also don't believe that there is a heaven with angels and clouds an cherubs sitting on harps. I think it is a picturesque place made up by the people who want reassurance at a time of loss and vunerability.

On the other hand, at times when I have dealt with loss within the family, I find it nice to think that the spirit of the deceased person has gone somewhere else to be at rest. I'm just not to sure were although in my mind it isn't picturesque heaven. Just somewhere better, where the persons spirit and personality can go when the body is tired and has given up.

I do believe in spirits and ghosts, I think a spirit goes on forever. How I don't know, I just think that there is a better place to be than earth. But then again, maybe i'm just trying to reasuure myself along with the 'heaven' believers that when someone dies, it just doesn't stop and end there. As the idea of heaven allows for a journey to continue rather than stop.

The body is just a case, personality character and spirit fill it. So although my grandads body has stopped working and is dead in the in the hospital. I know that that isn't him. His skin bones and false teeth didn't make him what he was. But the things he accomplished, the people who he loved his personailty and fighting spirit, they are the things that made him such a great man.
I am so happy that I was part of his family and had 20 years of knowing him.

So hours after his death and wherever his spirit has gone to, I hope it is somewhere where it deserves to be.


  1. Sorry to hear your sad news. I lost my Grandad about the same time last year. Worst day of my life, easily. Those sentiments are ones I would echo, nice to see a positive spin on it.

    Hope you keep well.

  2. Commiserations on the death of your grandfather, and I'm pleased he had a swift, peaceful passing. It's pretty shocking to hear about it through Facebook though.

    I don't believe in anything religious/supernatural - but I do believe that your loved ones aren't gone until everyone they influenced, loved or touched are dead too. That's what to concentrate on. To some extent, you're a product of his life, choices and outlook: celebrate these things.

  3. Really sorry to read that, you have my thoughts.