Friday, 10 July 2009


Today turned out to be a productive one, although im an idiot and forgot to ring student loan company yet again. I must write a note to myself reminding me not to forget.

It was funny to see my mates rushing to hand resit work in today. I too was in that position last year and it made me smile inside to think I wouldn't have to go through the whole resit process again, that I can just enjoy summer without bricking it about passing the year or not. One of my mates failed last year like me and had to resit it this year. But also has had to do some resits again for the resit year. I feel a bit bad on her and hope the lazy arse passes.

Kat, Abi and myself all went citizens advice to see if there was anything we could do about 'selfish' I don't want to give to much away. Not that she will ever read this, but there is something we can do. She is probably sat at home with a right smug grin on her face, thinking she is going to get way without paying anything. Well she isn't, and I cant wait to see that grin wiped off her face. To be fair the three of us could just pay her share of the bills and be done with it, but why should we when we dont owe the money. And I don't want to give her the satisfaction of getting away with it, when we are trying to co-operate with her and all she is doing is being a complete bitch.

..It was a lovely sunny day today, was going to go the park but instead I got myself some sale bargains. It seems lots of places have sales at the minute, probably just desperate for the money. I got two bras, and a tshirt for myself and Ben and myself a pair of jeans each, all for £30! Good or what!

I decided on getting a new pair of trousers for the funeral, they will also come in handy for work. Although the shortest pair I could find claimed to be a 29 inch leg. I think this is crap though as when I tried them on they scrape across the floor, im 5ft 3 so a 29'' leg shouldn't be that long on me. It really irritates me that shops sell trousers claiming to be 29'', 32'' or whatever when they are not. So anyway I will have to wear heels with them, or find myself a stretching wrack and make myself grow by about three inches.

Emma Ben and myself then went to the carvery for a nice bit of gammon and turkey, veg potatoes and all that malarky. I think I have gone off green beans, just thought you may like to know.

Thats about it really.

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