Wednesday, 11 February 2009

People from the North West do not seem to like books recommended by Richard and Judy.

Firstly I would like to start by apologising to Ben for leaving my hair straighteners on in his room last night. SOORRYYY!! It is a good job I have hair starightener paranoia (did I turn them on or off!?) Thankfully he went back to check, and dosy arse here had left them turned on, on the floor. Which probably would have caught fire if the starightners had been laying there any longer. This would have resulted in a fire alarm, mass evacuation, and the charred remains of a university owned bedroom. He insisted it was 'ok' although the face said a different story! (WHOOPS!) Sorry ben!

...........maybe an idea for valentines - a cooling mat for straighteners. ha.

Anyway went to Oceana, lured in by the lovely drinks offers, my theory is. If you drink enough you will not care how shit the music is and how much it stinks of sweat. I have rediscovered by love for raspberry sambucca, or more to the point my love for the price of such a lethal spirit. £1.20 for a shot!! With prices like that it is virtually impossible not to binge drink, especially with a glass of wine costing the same.

On the way back home, my moral conscience was pricked, by a church group stod outside the club handing out water ,to the inebriated masses stumbling out. I to was given a glass of water (probably holy or something) but decided I did not want it, so poured it away. I realised this may have made me look ungrateful, I wasn't - I just do not appreciate having things thrust into my face. A few steps further down the road, whilst walking with Ben, I was given a box containing two condoms and a plaster. I did think to myself at the time what a rather odd combination of objets to put into a box. Anyway good on them for promoting both soberness and safe sex, or the allowance of drunkeness and safe sex.

Anyway today my laziness prevented me from getting off my arse, and going to the shop to buy the usual daily paper. Came home after work , and to put off reading the Norton Antholgy i picked up an old copy of the Times that was lying around.
Found a rather interesting feature on Richard and Judy which amused me greatly. According to 'Jack Malvern'...whoever he is,

' A new North South divide has emerged between those who regard Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan as arbiters of literary distinction and those who, to put it politely, do not'

Richard and Judy - Highly regarded figures in the literary world! surely not! He also goes onto say, 'Their recommendations increased sales of some titles by upto 800% (surely not) However research by librarians shows that their power to influence readers is strictly regional'.

The statement that amuses me the most is 'Lending figures suggest that southerners are slaves to Richard and Judy'. Made me chuckle anyway.

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