Monday, 16 February 2009

A Reflection upon a lovely weekend

On Friday I had a class test on medieval literature, I scored ok-ish 13 out of 20 - actually its pretty good considering I seem to be rather forgetful lately. I could have done better though considering I read all week for it, trying desperatley for the words to sink in to my rather semmingly thick cranium. I may need to check myself my in to the opticians soonish, my eyesight is getting worse (Ithink), I realised after I found myself squinting at the words in the book, with a frown on my face nealy as bad as gordon ramseys. Well maybe not! But as a student I refuse to pay £60 at specsavers for an eye test, I mean get real! So i've been given some form or another to fil out in the hope I will get an eye test at a discounted rate. But, by the time I have sent the forms off with the 7647644 required documents confirming im definatley a student, and waited another apprximatley 78693 weeks for them to get back to me. I fear i will probably be half blind or something ( hopefully not as serious as that!) So yeah I had a nice friday.

I know Valentines is a day for cliched idealisms of romance and love and blah blah. But I had a fantastic day, actually a fantastic weekend. I woke upto breakfast in bed, with a card, chocolates, earings and a nice pair of boots - lucky me eh! :) Altho I don't really agree with how commercialised it all is, it was still lovely to recieve a nice card and present. Who doesn't like getting presents!? it's nice isn't it. Anyone who disagrees is just lying.

Living on a student budget and what with travel prices so astronomiclly high at the minute, we decided to get the megabus to Leeds....You may well ask what is so 'MEGA' about it, to be fair i do not know! Im guessing its something to do with their prices, £35 quid for two people return to Leeds from Birmingham. Pretty good eh. Something that was not 'mega' was the brat in front of us licking the window and leaving slobber all over it, and the little child in front of him making duck noises from Birmingham right through to Manchester. So if you don't mind a bit of randominity the megabus is the way forward. Even has a toilet on board what more could you want. Not that I used it for I feared it would be a bucket.

We stayed in the Headingley lodge, it is a hotel inside the cricket stadium, sounds bizzare the room was lovely. With a view that looked out onto the cricket pitch - good if you like that type of thing. The pitch was being dug up though, so bit of a muddy view but it did not matter.
We went for a really nice meal in the evening, I feared we wouldn't find a table and that all the romantics would be out in full force occupying every square meter of available resturaunt space. Ended up in this nice little resturaunt called Citrus, I chose citrus humous with a selection of olives and some pitta bread, the for main had some italian dish that was unpronouncable, contained spiced sausage and pasta and various other meat items.
There was quite a few singles there, well mostly groups of single woman out to show they don't need men and are independant and all they need are their friends. Good on them though, it means did not choke on the overwhelming sense of romance.

Highlight and laugh of the night came, when Ben knockd the napkin at the side of the table into the tealight, I did not notice until alf of it was on fire. People around us were oblivious until i started wafting my hands around it like an idiot, Ben picked it up whilst i set about trying to (discreetly) waft out the flames with the first thing I could lay my hands on - a butter knife. Much to the amusement of the group of women sitting opposite us. They wouldn't be laughing if i threw the burning napkin at them would they!! Was rather funny though once I had managed to put it out. No memeber of staff noticed it, so got away with it. The only tell tale sign was the smell of smoke - which filled me right up, so i decided against pudding.
It was a lovely night though.

On Sunday We went to the royal amories which was a nice afternoon out highly recommendd if you like war and associated subjects. Met Ben's parents to, who are lovely. Would have been nice to stay in Leeds a bit longer but the megabus was a callin. I was pleased to find out there were no bratty children on the coach this time, just a lot of students on a budget trying to get back to Birmingham. So all in all, a very nice weekend.

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