Monday, 9 February 2009

Learn something new everyday

Today was a pretty run of the mill boring day at co -op. I stopped some man stealing several bars of Galaxy chocolate (Good deed of the day). I also very nearly had my soul sucked out of me, sat in the bus pass hut for 6 hours giving out bus passes to the people of Wolverhampton. Today has mad me realise how much I hate rudeness, It takes no effort to say please and thankyou now and again. I may refuse to serve the next customer that does not thank me, for standing their like a moron packing their bags for them.

Or maybe next time a customer is rude, I will be the ultimate rebel and pack their eggs next to the milk and other egg crushing items, threfore resuting in cracked and crushed eggs all over their shopping, well it would give me some form of pathetic joy - mehehehe!!
....After some small talk with a customer, who was in a bit of a panic after losing her passport. I learnt that you can get to Ireland WITH A BUS PASS!!!! ....hence the reason why she was purchasing one from me. What on earth is the world coming to, you can board a plane and all you need as proof of i.d is a bus pass.
Glad to see the security measures in place are so high hey!

On a positive note - I am getting happier by the day, my new relationship is blossoming and I am a very happy bunny in all aspects of life!! : ) I've finally found enthusiasm for uni, and actually enjoying the modules, so thats all good.
Anyway I must be off now - The boyfriend is going to cook for me. Hopefully I will not get food poisoning! ha.

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