Thursday, 26 February 2009

I love to moan about ASDA, things that block the sink and the university library!!

Today started off with me waking up in a healthy mood, had shreddies (without sugar for breakfast) and a banana for breakfast.

I then realised that the state of the kitchen was actually DISGUSTING thanks to our laziness, and our willingness to want to do things such as uni work, to avoid the dishes. I thought girls were supposed to be tidy!?....our kitchen is never tidy for more than two minutes. So I spent a good hour of my precious time cleaning the bloody kitchen, then witness 5 minutes later my house mate pouring the remains of a pan of beans down the sink - which resulted in a blocked sink filled wth beans. This made me rather annoyed, although I didn't say anything - i just thought bad things.

The latter half of the day involved having a shower with my nice new shower stuff and moisturisers - yes they make me happy. Had an 'How English Works' lecture this evening, was a bit confusing but Debbie was confused herself - bless her! I spent half of my time thinking about what she was saying in her confused way, and half of my time thinking - have work paid me enough and the umerous amount of things I have got to do over the weekend but wil probably have no time for.

Thought I would be a good student, so I went to the uni library get some books out after lecture, I went to take them out to find that my card is invalid - this made me grumpy. I asked the man whether he could keep them under the desk until tomorrow, he said no. This made me even angrier. I shall go back tomorrow to get the same books out and they probably will not be available. Helpful eh!

On the way back I stopped off at ASDA, it was packed. Some man looked at me with disgust, when he thought I was trying to beat him to the 10p reduced packet of peppers he was after. It was really busy and I just bought stuff I dont need such as muller corners and jalapeno stuffed olives ( they are nice though) spent most of my time at the bloody fast lane self service checkout. I HATE IT - it is not fast!! Took me about twenty minutes to scan everything, after about (No exaggeration here) 1678 times of being told to, 'remove items from bagging area'.
So tonight I am going to cook my tea for Ben and myself, eat some olives do some reading for the intro to lit exam tomorrow. Its ok this week, apart from good ole Shakespeare and Sir Philip sydney all the other texts are by geezers called Thomas. So if i have to guess who wrote the title of a text - the chances are it will be someone called Thomas, that will be my guess anyway.

Today I have decided that out of the red and blackcurrant fruit pastille, that the red one is definatley my favourite. Cant work out what flavour it is though, it tastes like both strawberry and raspberry......hmmmm!?

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  1. Haha, I liked the 'i just thought bad things.' I definitely know that feeling when you wake up to see the kitchen a tip!

    Oh, and hi! Thanks for following :]