Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Watch out Glastonbury.

FINALLY!!!! Me and my mate are going glasto. After spending a hidious amount of time on the phone last year, trying to get a ticket but to no avail. We are being swept away on a rather large wave of Glastonbury excitement.

Some ideas we have had so far include, taking a paddling pool, and making cork hats, you know like the ones stereotypical Austraillians wear. Don't really have a reason or need to do this, but why the hell not.

One thing we are both agreed on is INFLATABLES.
I have never really recovered form the loss of my inflatable Stella Artois bottle, that graced my room in halls of residence last year. Hanging from the ceiling, rather like an overgrown baby's play gym.
I just can't decide between an inflatable palm tree, whale, crocodile, flower or robot. HELLLP!

Don't know what bands are playing although I do know Rolf harris is makiing an appearence.
Wobble boards at the ready!!

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