Friday, 27 February 2009

Big fish little fish

'There are more species of freshwater fish in Lake Nyasa in Malawi than there are in the whole of Australia'

A lovely fishy fact there taken from the BBC homepage. I don't no if it is actually true but ahwell. My guess is if you were a fish, then lake Nyasa would be a lovely place to live/swim...or whatever fish do.

I am also having fish for tea tonight :)

Today I wen back to the university library, after having trouble with my library card. Just like i predicted the books I wanted were unavailable, due to all the other swines in my class managing to get there first with their problem free library cards. Damn!!

I got a shocking 6 in the renaissance literature test, I wouldn't mind but I actually read everything, made notes and tried to remember what I thought were the important facts and details. Turns out the stuf I remembered wasn't mentioned in the exma questions. Ohwell better luck next time! I guess a lousy 6 is better than the big fat zilch I would have got if i hadn't attended.

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