Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Average Pancake

Today was a fairly average day for me, I have nothing that exciting to report (as usual) just my mundane ramblings. But I find rambling on here is good for my soul - and costs absoloutley nothing, so I shall continue!

Started off with me waking up and realising I had turned my last alarm off instead of snoozing it, so I legged it to the bus stop, to see the bus I wanted go past (story of my life!). This resulted in me being late for work, I wasn't all that bothered if im honest, but the people waiting in the queue for the bus passes looked pissed off. Most of them are impolite buggers anyway, so I didn't apologise.

After work I went to Asda where I purchased one of the few remaining 'shake a cake' or whatever it is called, you know the pancake mix in a botle you have to add water to. oh exciting stuff!!

Now I am at Ben's, may sound sickening but just seeing him made me smile having not seen him in oooh all of a day haha! We are going to make pancakes in a bit, hopefully turning out better than last year. When the contents of my pan got stuck to the ceiling due to an overdramatic toss. Fool!

I shall be going home later to clean the house and read some more, well basically start the reading for the literature exam on friday. If i read for two solid days it should be o.k. I have been having dizzy spells the past few days though. And not using it as an excuse, but reading doesn't seem to help them. I got 13 out of 20 last week, i'm going to aim for atleast 15.

.....Knew there was something I forgot to mention at the beggining, I have found that setting 4 on my toaster makes perfect toast......not too burnt not too lightly done. Happy days.

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