Sunday, 1 March 2009

A vile thought

...So I went to my cupboard and got the honey and peanut butter out, only to realise I have no bloody bread. There was a banana in my cupboard, the thought crossed my mind for a second. . . but then left again...peanut butter and honey on a banana sounds disgusting. But on toast it is rather nice. I decided on settling for a nice cup of tea instead.

Had a nice weekend, didn't to anything spectacular but it was nice and relaxing. Me and Em went to look at three houses to live in next year - the answers, no, no and NO! We may be students, but we do not appreciate wallpaper from the 60's thats so graphic it makes you feel sick looking at it. The last house was o.k, but the MAJOR downside was the landlord lived next door. NO THANKYOU!!....if all else fails, could live in a tent. Well if it was good enough for the Wolverhampton ring road tramp!

Came home after work today, was thinking of stuff I could sell on ebay. Don't know if i can part with anything though, everything seems to mean something to me, or have a story behind it.
I have got a violin bow that I got from a sigur ros gig I went to in November, thankfully my dad is 6ft odd so when Jonsi threw it from the stage it hit my dad on the shoulder and landed by my feet. :D I guarded it like teh olympic torch.

I have thought about selling it, but a) probably no one would buy it, and b) it is so battered and all the strings are broke. I could just throw it away, but yet again it has a memory attached to it. Sigur Ros was probably - no actually the best gig I have ever been to. Some man standing next to me on the night offered me £80 for it. Should have just taken it. But my dad did go through the trouble of getting hit by it so I thought I better keep it. I have thought about selling books, but with me wanting to teach I will no doubt need them, even the one about Ian Curtis from Joy division.
OhGod, I really hope I don't become a hoarder of junk when im an old folk.

Anyway back to Saturday night,me and Ben went to nandos. When we got there we were informed there would be a twenty minute wait. Sod that! So had a takeaway instead, havent had one in ages. It was all really nice just spending time together, drowning in happiness! Shame I had to wake up at 7am and get ready for fun at the (not so) co opertaive food shop.

I was reading something today at work, apparently if you spend over £10 on the crap they sell, you recieve a free fair trade cotton bag. WOWZA!!

Anyway I won't moan about it next week because I am on 'holiday'. ha!

And I am not going to say anything else, because I am boring myself to sleep. I just find typing away without an actual purpose rather calming.

Goodnight folks!


  1. Sigur Ros at the Civic - it was rather wonderful. Buy MORE books - I like ABE.

  2. OK I wouldn't have peanut butter on a banana. Well I probably would but I see your point about no bread. However...

    Have you tried peanut butter with bacon and banana on a sandwich? If you are vegetarian lose the bacon. The trick is to fry the banana for a few seconds to warm it up and soften it a little.

    And you are right about Kinder Eggs. I have got the same ice hockey playing bear three times now. I would write and complain but I am thirty two and probably not Kinder's target market.

  3. Oh and think yourself lucky. Jo would think nothing of waiting twenty minutes if there were some Nandos coming her way. She loves those nandos.