Wednesday, 4 March 2009

....'Aren't you the lady who works in bus passes'

Before I get started with the babbling I want to share something important! DO NOT waste your time reading 'My booky wook' by Russell Brand. (Was a gift for christmas) I know what follows is only my personal opinion, others may differ. Basically its crap! I've got 50 pages in, my guess is, if i don't like it now I never will. Might try sell it on ebay, some goon will buy it.
I did buy 'Salmon fishing in the Yemen', a book iv'e wanted to read for a while but never got round to. Gunna start that tonight me thinks. Plus I like Salmon (and other types of fish) so im guessing it already has a headstart over that Brand nonscence.

This morning I had to drag myself out of bed at 7.30am, terrible eh! Got to work five minutes late as per usual, I feel rather guilty that I don't even feel guilty for being late. Ohwell. I've accepted I will be going to hell for this.

News on the co - op front today. Ooooh breathtaing stuff. Not very co operative. We had a rather large freezer delivery come in today, but the freezer is broke. So I spent a good amount of time bungling frozen jam doughnuts into carrier bags, ready to be taken to pendeford co -op for storage, where it appears they are lucky enough to have a freezer.

After work minus the uniform, some chav smiled at me in the street. Couldn't work out where I had seen her so I just smiled politley, then I get.... 'Aren't you the lady who works in bus passes'. I just nodded and said yeeah. Oh lord! the mortification - I am actually recognised by some people outside of work as the 'bus pass lady'. Surely I have more substance than that! I hope when I'm older I don't become the 'Cat lady'.

News on the Ben front - Falling for him and his 'Ben ways'....(I am aware this sounds like a line from a teenage book) but im officially no longer a teenager. So blah.
Im really proud of him, he has just done an article for the hearing times and its going to be published. Happy days!
Although he accused me of setting off the fire alarm by leaving my hair straighteners on (which I didn't may I just add - I double checked.) Although understandable to think it may have been me after last time. He made me some scrambled eggs for dinner, was nice. Those brown bits though (they deffo weren't burnt!!) :) ha.
I've been rabbiting on about going the zoo for a while now, i've worn him down so now he will come with me. yaaay. Might go for the day with my mum and sister when they come down to visit.
I hope Dudley zoo is better or on a parr with Chester zoo, im very doubtful though - as I have heard reports that the Monkeys at Dudley, 'Just sit there looking like they want to kill themselves'. Atleast at Chester zoo you are always garunteed some monkey throwing their shit. Should be an interesting day though. I may take some photos as evidence then whack them up on here.

News on the uni front - Reading for the intro to lit exam next week. That's it.

General News - Emma and myself are waiting for the Glasto line up to be officially released. We are hopeful for some decent bands. Spent a fair few productive hours together last night, drinking vodka and trying to come up with a design that will go on the flag for our tent.

In my haze of sleepiness this morning I managed to spray deodrant on my hair and hairspray under my arms. Not good. It hurt!

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