Thursday, 19 March 2009

The five flavours of calm.

Didn't do much today, I woke up had jam on toast and a cup of tea, watched some crap on t.v. Although I did ring the tax people at the co op they were not really helpful, but hopefully I should be recieving the money back....... soon!...... Soon - how long is bloody soon. Why can't they just be specific, bunch of arses.

Anyway it is 2.30am and I am still awake, I am tired but I have the feeling I will not be able to get asleep. It doesn't help when I'm home alone, all of the girls are at their boyfriends - so I should be thankful for the rare peace and quiet I suppose. Although there is something rather unsettling about being on your own. I do not like the fact the only sound I can hear is the boiler and the bloody beeping of the smoke alarm, that has been on its way out for a fair few months now - although the landlord reasures us he will 'fix it'. We will all probably have to perish in a fire before he gets off his arse and does something about it.

When I am on my own I do not like the kitchen, you see we have an energy saving bulb in there and when you first turn it on it is really dim, it makes the kitchen look all scary and dead creepy - especially at night, and I always think someone is going to stick their arm round the door and grab me or something.

When we first moved in the house we got our friend to go up in the loft because the house smelt of weed, we wondered if there was a cannibis farm up there or something. There wasn't ,but what we did find was an old hoover part, some bits of computer or something - and an axe!! - What the hell!!? Hope it wasn't used in a crime! As a group we decided on keeping it though, it lives in the cupboard. It is blunt and wouldn't cut an apple, but if anyone tried to burgle me tonight I think I would look rather intimidating brandishing an axe.

I ran out of camomile tea last night, so today I went and purchased some more. Although now I am spoilt for choice - I decided on a variety pack of twinings tea 'moments of calm'. I have a choice of five flavours of calm, i'm thinking of going with the camomile honey and vanilla variety. I was just thinking of going to bed - avoiding the kitchen, but need to get the chicken out. damn!

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