Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sweet Tooth - The best sweet shop in the land full stop

From today I am officially off work on 'holiday' for a week. So I have just indulged in a bottle of Magners and watched some trash on t.v, for no other reason other than I can. So ha!

Tomorrow instead of going work or having to go uni I will probably do nothing, this is a change from the norm, although I am not to sure if I like having nothing to do. It makes feel a little on edge sometimes. I like having stuff to do. Knowing me I will probably find myself bored by about 2pm, so will probably end up doing some reading for intro to lit.

Oooh actually! I've just remembered I have some books that are due back at the university library (2 days over due already!)....hope they don't hit me with a bank balance destroying fine.

Number one plan on the agenda tomorrow is visit sweet tooth, its a little old fashioned sweet shop near the newbridge inn. Full of character and jars of sweets from back in ye olde days, I would even go as far as saying it's amazing! Sweets that ar weighed on old fashioned scales, wrapped up in a little bag with red ribbon.

I have yet to introduce Ben to this place, everytime we plan on going we either seem to fall asleep or get there as it is closing. We had a rather long stroll one Sunday to Sweet tooth, no point to our walk other than, I was insistant that I must have some rhubarb and custards. When we got there the man was locking up. Gutted! I had to make do with a shitty aero from the co-op.

Sad I know, but I am wondering what I shall get tomorrow.......tom thumbs or kop kops maybe even mixed bolied sweets. hhhmmm!? Important stuff eh!!

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