Monday, 23 March 2009

Sexist Chocolate

My brief shift at the co-op today went suprisingly fast, which was rather good. Although I did stay behind an extra 20 minutes to make 22 bus passes. Some man came in exactly one minute before the end of my shift wanting bus passes for 22 children - I don't think they were all his kids, is it even humanly possible to give birth to 22 children!? Surely your body would just collapse. I think he worked for a childrens home or something. Anway thats not the point.

When I finally escaped the bus pass office, I was taking a stroll down the sweet aisle I heard something so cute and innocent that it genuinly made me smile. A little girl about age 6 had a Yorkie chocolate bar in her hand and was looking up at her mum and waving it about. She said, 'mummy I want this chocolate today, but I can't have it can I because it says its not for girls'. How cute! It really made me smile.

Maybe Nestle shouldn't portray Yorkies as 'Not for girls'. If that little girls mum hadn't corrected her to the fact she could have it, nestle could have lost a valuable customer, thanks to a sexist slogan.

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