Monday, 9 March 2009

Poor mum

I haven't spoken to my family much lately, I don't know why really although I could try blaming it on lack of phone credit (which is true) and the fact we don't make calls from our house phone, because then it would cost us. And last month a major arguement kicked off in our house, when the bill showed that someone had been making calls to other landlines (16 to be precise) and with no one admitting making the calls, it was left to the girl whos name the bill is in to pay the extra - which isn't fair really. So I just decide to stay away from the bloody thing.

Last night it appears my mum tried to call me 7 times - I missed well all of them, not purposely may I add. She then went on to send me a text saying 'it's ok don't worry im just calling you to hav a chat if you're about'. Then after I didnt get back to her, she molested my facebook wall with a lovely little message only a mother could write, making me feel guilty all the while. Mentioning how Ellis actually says she misses me, ahh bless.

So now I feel ssoooo bad that I haven't got back to her. Not that she will ever read this blog, as she doesn't know of its existance, but I just want to say - sorry mum!!
I hope she doesn't think I am dead or something.

I'm not even doing anything decent to justify not speaking to them. I am sat cross legged in bed typing this crap, whilst thinking about whether to have a shower now or later. Best go text her actually, let her know I am alive.

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