Monday, 9 March 2009

Gas Bill

Just recieved the gas bill, 600 odd quid from the period December - March. I nearly died! (no word of a lie!) What the frigging hell have we been doing?? I told my mum, not that she can do anything. (Im pretty sure she almost died to)

So now I am sat in the cold, because we are scared of putting the heating on. Before coming university one of my college teachers did give me an 'invaluabe student tip', - always put tin foil around your radiator as it keeps the heat in. I have avoided this tip thus far, partly because I don't want to appear a freak when people come round and see foil splashed about around the radiator. And secondly we never have any tin foil in anyway.

Ah the life of a student.


  1. That radiator tip is a good one. It keeps the radiator beams out too. The ones that make you a slave to the lizard overlords that control us all. If it saves a few quid on your electricity bill too that can only be good, right?

  2. that's why it is better to use card for your gas so you know how much you actually spend... anyway, 600, that's A LOT!...
    recently i bought an electric heater, I'm wondering now how much will i need to pay for electricity...