Saturday, 28 March 2009

It's the weekend!

I read my arse off for the bloody reading quiz test yesterday, don't think I did that well though. As always I seem to take mental notes of all the non important stuff in the text. Ohwell it's done now. Also I got given an essay for both intro to lit and how English works. Looking at the questions, im feeling rather confident and positive that I can do well and achieve a semi decent grade, I will try my best anyway. I think the trick is to actually start them way before they are due in, rather than leave them until three days before (my downfall last year!)

Ben and mysef watched p.s i love you the other night, whereas I love the soppyness and romance of it all, he was somewhat more reluctant to watch it. Although by the end of he film I got the impression he secretly enjoyed it. But to balance out the soppy factor and increase masculinity, we decided on buying ' The last King of Scotland dvd. . . which I must recomend!. . .even if you watch it just to gawp over James Macavoy. Very good film, Forest Whitakers performance is outstanding, alhough the film is no where near as violet as I thought it was going to be.

Today I'm typing this whilst watching holiday showdown, which is rather depressing for two reasons: 1) Some family is off to dubai and staying in a hotel that just looks like heaven and I want to be there, and 2) some family is of to Blackpool for a week! And they think it is the best thing ever, even though they have travelled abroad before. I mean i've got nothing against Blackpool (for a day out or something), Ive spent some good times there when I was a nipper with my nan and grandad. But the state it's in now, spending a week there I can imagine just being sheer hell! It is quite sad watching this family try to big it up, eating burgers everyday for their breakfast, dinner and tea.

Anyway im of to Manchester today to go and see my Dad. Wonder what we shall be doing? Im guna try get him to go wagamama again, everytime I go see him, we end up there without fail. I'm in the mood for a plate of yaki udon and some duck gayoza. yum!

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